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About pmm India

What is pmm India ?

pmm stands for Paediatric Musculoskeletal Matters and is a 'free to all' evidence based, online information resource about paediatric musculoskeletal medicine. pmm India is a version of pmm written by a team of paediatricians working in India to ensure that the content is relevant for the clinical context. 

Why is pmm India needed? Who is pmm India for ? 

Musculoskeletal problems in children are common and account for a high proportion of presentations and contacts with primary care, paediatrics and emergency care. Causes range from trauma to concerns about normal development, serious life threatening illness and potentially disabling conditions. Research from around the world informs us that delay in diagnosis is common and is important to address to improve clinical outcomes. 

pmm India is for all clinicians who may encounter children with musculoskeletal problems and aims to raise awareness, knowledge and clinical skills to facilitate early diagnosis and referral (where necessary), to specialist care, so that clinical outcomes will be improved.

Guidance on how to use pmm India is available.

How has pmm India been developed?

pmm was originally developed by a team in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK led by Professor Helen Foster at Newcastle University, with the content for pmm developed from research to find out what health care professionals working need to know. The first iteration of pmm (2014) focussed on doctors and further content was added in July 2015. Learning outcomes for graduating doctors and primary care have been used to develop the content although further detail is included to make pmm relevant to all doctors and allied health professionals who work with children and young people. There has also been work to engage with users to make the format and access to the site easy and logical.

pmm India was developed by a team of paediatric rheumatologists and paediatricians in India led by Dr Raju Khubchandani and the team have amended the content to be relevant to the local clinical context. The collaboration is a partnership between the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) and Newcastle University. 

pmm India (August 2015) is supplemented by CME certification through IAP (September 2015).

pmm India team

Dr Raju Khubchandani, Dr Ajit Gajendragadkar, Dr Tapas Sabui, Dr Pranav Chickermane,  

Dr Nehal Shah, Dr Prajakta Joshi Ranade, Dr Anand Rao, Dr Sujata Sawhney, Dr Manjari Agarwal 

How have pmm and pmm India been funded ?

pmm has been funded by an unrestricted educational bursary from Pfizer to undertake the work to design the pmm platform and engage with end users to develop the content. There have been further unrestricted educational bursaries from Genzyme, BioMarin and Sobi to support the further development of pmm. These funders have had no input to the content of pmm or pmm India. The contributors to write the content of pmm and pmm India have not received any payment or honoraria for their time and effort. 

We hope you find pmm India useful - we welcome feedback so please do get in touch !!

Key references for our work include;